We are surrounded by screens every day. These include computers, smartphones, laptops and tablets. We often spend many hours a day in front of the various screens. In Germany it is about 9 hours per day on average. The problem is that conventional digital screens emit harmful blue light waves. Our eyes are continuously exposed to an overload without protection. The following harmful effects can be caused by blue light waves:

- Strong headache
- Dry eyes
- Eye strain
- Dizziness
- Strong neck pain
- Tiredness
- Blurred vision
- Migraine
- Listlessness  

No matter what we do or where we look, we are surrounded by digital devices, whether at work in the office, in our everyday use of the smartphone, at movie nights with friends or at excessive gaming nights in front of the console. Even though technological progress brings us many advantages, we must not ignore the effects on our own bodies. According to the latest research, blue light waves are harmful to us in the long term and to the extent to which we are exposed to them.

BLU RIVAL's blue light filter glasses have specially made lenses that block the harmful blue light waves and thus prevent the effects mentioned above. Wearing blue light filter glasses on your body can have the following positive benefits:    

Just feel better and healthier when you spend more time in front of the computer.