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Yep, we're done laughing. I have over 11 diopters and I look like a mole without my glasses. Without lenses, I feel like this. HILARIOUS. Not really, but we let the others have fun. Thank God I can always wear lenses and no one notices the impairment. But I do notice it, often.


I practically live in front of the computer. As editor in chief, I'm sort of cuddling up with my work laptop. As a blogger, I need my iPhone like lemon with my tequila. Then there's Instagram and my Netflix addiction... I'm glued to displays. Is that good for my eyes? ahhahahaha.

As well as my abstinence from unnecessary exercise.

After 30234 celebrities had their blue light filter glasses on their noses, I thought "I'll treat myself too!" But then the big question is. WHAT? And then there's the question. WHICH ONE IS GOOD?

Spoiler: I can give you answers. Good answers and a discount code and a treat for your eyes.

Since almost four weeks my new blue light filter glasses from BLU RIVAL never leaves my nose. As soon as I take them off, I feel a pain. Pain of separation. I also wrote a text about blue light filter glasses for my work at the newspaper. So the research work was very good

It is a misbelief that the glasses with blue light filters are only for people with impaired vision. Anyone can wear these glasses. Anyone who wears contact lenses can simply wear them without any discomfort. So glasses are a trend and a savior at the same time. Coolius!

Take a short excursion into science (I now push my glasses demonstratively like a professor from the tip of my nose firmly upwards!) The blue light of the new digital things like tablet, smartphone and laptop are no treat for the eyes. It interferes with the hormone melantonin and poof, sleep disorders hello!!! These glasses help us to fade out the blue light and become more tired in the evening. This is a relief for shift workers who wear glasses on the way home when it gets light again. Even gamers who gamble at night protect their eyes as well as their eyeballs. (hahahaha. Today the jokes box is super comfortable).

BLU RIVAL is a young, German start-up and we like start-ups. and young people who are motivated. and kind. and stand behind their product. and respond and act quickly. You can find everything here. Thumbs up or a like on the Instagram page - never hurts!

Pro? From Hamburg. Inexpensive. For everyone. Three colors. A model that flatters every head shape.

Contra? Addiction factor. No kidding, if I ever forget to put it on, I'll regret it. My eyes have become so accustomed to this relief.

I don't want to go without. And as soon as I need new glasses with strength, I put filters in for the lenses. I don't mind.

Do you treat yourself? The delivery is complication-free and fast.

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